Quest for Salvation

Quest for Salvation

eBook: $2.99
Series: Soul in Ashes, Book 4
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
ISBN: 9781940855110

In order to escape judgment for working ash magic, Alswyn is forced to take on the form of King Ghalad's intended bride, a disguise that leaves her heart tangled inextricably with his.

Together, they embark on a quest to find the Lost God, a deity forgotten by all but the oldest legends, and the only power that can restore Alswyn's friends.

But will her web of lies and deceit prove to be the downfall of the quest?

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About the Author
Shauna E. Black

Award-winning author Shauna E. Black delights in beguiling readers until they lose all touch with reality and find themselves waiting under lampposts for fauns and talking beavers to appear. Learn more on her website,

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