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The Forbidden Ink

What’s a mage to do when the secret of his father’s disgrace is thrown out there for all his classmates to see? The only thing he can do. Flaunt the council rules to go on a quest like no other. Len and his friends dive through ancient, rune-guarded portals in the underground labyrinth of the academy, searching for the fabled Anamweir Ink, rumored to pack enough punch to redeem Len’s tarnished family name. But as they explore the school’s secret chambers, they unearth more than just magical inks and runes—a centuries-old, spine-tingling secret threatens to upend everything.

When a crafty adversary lurking within the academy tosses a hat into the ring in a bid for power, Len’s dreams of redemption are crushed. He and his friends must confront their fears and past mistakes in order to band together to save everything they hold dear. Will their combined magic be enough to thwart betrayal and conquer the academy’s darkest threat?

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In a world devastated by nuclear winter, Caelin and her sister discover a safe haven with a group of rebels planning to undermine the ruling order and grant comfort to the masses. But when the rebel’s dream becomes a nightmare, it might cost Caelin the only thing she’s ever fought to protect.

Finalist in the 2017 Wishing Shelf and DaVinci Eye Awards, IndieBrag Honoree, and winner of the 2018 LUW Diamond Quill Best Book of the Year.


As an exile studying the healing arts in a foreign land, Alswyn discovers ash magic that could destroy a delicate peace treaty and plunge the countryside back into war. Now she must reveal the truth of her sordid past, risking her new life as she uses forbidden knowledge to counter the ash magic and catch the sorcerer before her adopted homeland is destroyed.

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In Silver Valley, an unusual string of mining accidents has locals whispering of dark magic. When the marshal sent to investigate goes missing, his young assistant Boone turns to Jesse for help. Together, they must find an ancient talisman before an evil skinwalker brings back a reign of terror to the West.